I’ve been inspired …

I was reading Lucy’s blog over on Attic 24 and it inspired me to post some of the photos from my own garden that I’m loving at the minute and making the most of before the rain returns (afterall this is Lancashire).

This is my favourite part of the garden – our tiny little kitchen leads out onto this little square of decking which is a fabulous sun trap.  Problem is I think I’m spending far too much time sitting out here and not enough time inside doing stuff that needs to be done – ah stuff don’t you just love it!!!

I think I’ll have to restart some of my crochet again as recently I’ve concentrated loads of my sewing and crochet has taken a bit of a back seat … but ….. I could sit outside in the sunshine and crochet rather than sit inside at my sewing machine …. hmmm sounds like a plan to me.

Last summer we went down to my brother and sister in laws in essex and everywhere we went people seemed to have these gorgeous hollyhocks in their gardens.  I’ve never seen them around Preston so I decided to plant some in my garden and wow one has actually come into flower.  I love it so much all six foot plus high of it.

Pretty little daisies that I’ve managed to keep alive and happy looking for the last couple of weeks and my little jam jar candle holders to cheer up the evenings outside.

So there you go just a few little photos from our back yard.  Good to have some sunny pictures though to look back on later in the year when it’s back to dull, dark and wet.  In the meantime I think I’m going to make a brew, grab some wool and enjoy the summer sunshine.

Catch you later xx


Sooo wrong yet sooo delicious


Doing my domestic goddess bit, I decided to make these sweet salty bars from nigellas kitchen book. Melted chocolate, syrup and butter, then add crumbled crunchie bars and then oddly salted peanuts, then chill in the fridge. These sound quite wrong but taste amazing. Jamies verdict …. Delicious!! It would seem Ive hit the spot as far as summer holiday treat food goes.

Any one for tennis?


The buntings hanging, the fizzy wine is chilling, I’ ve sent the boys out for strawberries, and the sun is shining … A fab day for a bit of rafa watching x