Hello, I’m a 45 year old living in the North West of England in our little old terraced house.  I live with my lovely husband and son and 2 cats.  I work term time which means during school terms I work in an office writing submissions to tribunals but during school holidays, weekends and any other available ‘free time’ I dabble happily in craftiness. This is my true passion and if I had got my act together whilst I was at school/college could have been my full time job.  But instead I drifted into my office job, bought a car got a mortgage and sold my soul to the civil service.  Just recently I’ve taken a bit more of a step into living the dream by doing some craft fairs and signing myself up for a few more throughout the next 12 months. Etsy and folksy should be following fairly soon – dependent on friends taking some decent photos for me as my own camera skills leave a lot to be desired.  So the fact that I (and the tax office) now feel I have two jobs means that any other spare time is spent either tidying up around everyone or travelling around camping in the ivy (our folding camper).  Cornwall is my most favourite place in the UK partly due, I suspect to the fact that I am half cornish.  I love being by the sea and regularly sleep with the window open just a crack so the wind blowing sounds like the sea …… a bit!!  My husband thinks I’m nuts but then I remind him that in my opinion the happiest people are usually ever so slightly deranged anyway x  So thats me really, hope this hasn’t put anyone off from reading on xx


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  1. Louise Gibbon
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 15:24:50

    HI Netty,
    I love your website and your work !
    I am starting a brand new craft and curios fayre at our farm In High Legh nr Knutsford. It is in conjunction with our nextdoor neighbours Organic farm FARMERS MARKET, on the 1st Sunday of every month. They are already very well known and estblished and advertising has begun for our events. I have a 28ft Tipi on site and the on Sunday 7th August we will have our 1st event outdoors in the field !!!! Gazebo needed.
    If you would possibly be interested in having involvement in the events please let me know.
    You can see what else we do at our website http://www.wiconitipi.com
    its all brand new and very exciting !
    Bright Blessings – Lou


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