A little bit of grannying


I bought this gorgeous wool at create in ilkley, my new favourite market town. I didn’t have a plan for it so just tried s bit of a granny. But I really love the colour change effect. Now I need to make a soft backing for it and wahlah a new cushion cover created (I hope).


My name is Netty and I’m such a rubbish blogger …..

Hi there, I’m so sorry I keep meaning to blog regularly, I really do but somehow things always seem to get in the way.  Then even when I do make the time, put in the effort draft a post, upload the pictures I manage to delete it all instead of posting it…… Duh.  Good at Technology has never been one of my greatest skills.

Anyway 2012 is well established now, and it’s just another eleven and a half months to come up with a brand new list of must stick to resolutions!!!  On a brighter more positive note it’s nearly pay day which means I’ll be able to  put a deposit on a holiday to Dorset this summer and start planning out a list of Dorset must do’s…(have I ever mentioned that I love a good list???)

I have two resolutions that haven’t totally gone by the wayside just yet…. firstly the photo above is from our walk around Bolton Abbey and Strid Wood on Boxing Day 2011.  It was really cold, really windy and we loved it.   Absolutely loved getting out and getting some fresh air.  It’s not that far from us, just leave Preston, travel alongside the Pennines to the Yorkshire border then poodle on a bit further – under an hour away, and passed loads of beautiful scenary.  Anyway we vowed to get more fresh air, make the effort to get out at weekends more and generally just make that bit more of an effort.  So far we’ve enjoyed bimbling about even it it’s been just a walk alongside the canal and through our local park.  So far so good.

The second resolution was to be a bit more proactive about by little crafty business.  Buoyed up by some really positive shoves from various people around me I’ve booked two craft fairs for this year which I’m really excited about.  One on March 17 in Garstang and one on June 23 in Blackpool.  I’m a bit excited and my mind is coming up with quite a few ideas so far for some new designs.  My grand plan is to do about 5 or 6 events this year rounded off with another Christmas fair at ours at the end of the year.

A bit nearer the time I’ll put some reminders on here with directions etc in case anyone wants to come along and support me.  Friendly faces are always always appreciated.

ooh also while I remember I’ve got a facebook page now which actually gets updated more regularly than my blog.  You can find me on

http://www.facebook.com/NettyZenner  please pop along and hopefully like my page if you get the chance.

See you xx

Catching up





Ooh it’s been a few weeks since I last posted, much longer than I intended. So much time since my last post has revolved around my eleven year ild starting high school. We had the nerves and the stress before he started, luckily is gone really well, he’s settled in better than we ever could have hoped for. Phew huge relief all round.
On the crafting front here are some pictures of a pe bag I was asked to make. I am pleased with this, it was such fun making something do girly x

For a fantastic colourful and sunny blog (it’s from Austrailia) have a look at Little Woollie – there are some amazingly gorgeous crocheted bits over there … enjoy xx

Any one for tennis?


The buntings hanging, the fizzy wine is chilling, I’ ve sent the boys out for strawberries, and the sun is shining … A fab day for a bit of rafa watching x

The owl and the pussy cat…


This is a picture I made recently for some friends which I quite like. It’s probably my favourite childhood poem so all in all I’ve had good fun doing this one.although it did all become a bit of a mad rush at the end, I only finished it twenty minutes before going to their house for a meal. It was the most rushed hair wash shower and change ive had to do in a long time.  Why do I always leave things to the last minute!!! Anyway today we ares having a massively lazy bank holiday as it’s rained most of the time, so its been a day of games and tv and far too much time browsing the internet .. All in the name of research of course.. Xx